Hempagons - Hempcrete Hexagon Homes

The Hawaiian Hempress would like to address the urgent need for affordable housing for thousands of people in Kauai. Our custom-designed "Hempagons," hempcrete hexagon homes, are designed with hurricane-resistant strength, termite-proof, fireproof, waterproof, self-insulating, and affordable. Hempcrete is a naturally health-enhancing, sustainable, toxin-free, and environmentally sensitive building material that also naturally filters the interior air in your home for optimum health.                     Hempcrete is the Answer

Hempcrete Homes

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Hempcrete Homes in Kauai, Hawaii

The building of our prototype Hempcrete Home will be in Kauai, featuring Kauai grown Hemp, especially for Environmentally Sensitive Living. Our team of experts is ready to build in January 2022.


               Support the Kauai Community       

Hemp is soon to be understood for its amazing, intrinsic value in our daily lives. For example, the natural filtration system. The hemp plant alone produces climate-friendly, non-toxic building materials.

Every acre of industrial hemp sequesters 10 tons of CO2 per crop and with three crops a year we save 30 tons of CO2 per acre per year. With over 50,000 uses for hemp products in our daily lives, it is easy to see why this is a win-win product for homes and our balanced lifestyle.


Education about hemp and its excellent alternative to traditional building materials, through our schools, clubs, and community workshops will demonstrate a new way of building . . . homes, careers, industry, and our communities. 


Invest in the Hempagons - one brick at a time.

Hempcrete Homes is looking for capital investors to purchase land and major equipment. Additional funds from Golden Angels are allocated for local contractors, building materials. marketing and public relations, and working with schools and organizations to promote hemp education. We are available for public speaking at schools, churches, clubs, and organizations.

Our housing market is in transition and traditional building is no longer practical, affordable or healthy. Education is critical to understand the many reasons for hempcrete housing, the most important is health and secondly, finances. We will prove this with our prototype hempcrete home, grown locally, processed locally and built by our community to strengthen our community. Our goal is to build a grass roots business that provides education, employment, and building professionals to stimulate the economy through a revolutionary, natural way to build a strong community.



We are ready to set the standard for sustainable, environmentally sensitive homes by eliminating toxic building materials, and utilizing renewable, clean hemp resources as an affordable way to build.

Hempcrete Homes will demonstrate how we can improve our quality of life by inviting you to visit our model Hempagon Home and experience hemp through our building techniques, housing designs, and career opportunities.

Our concept is to provide a new view of all hemp products from floors to ceilings, over 50,000 uses for hemp, lets start together building homes.

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